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Vape.ae is your one stop shop for all things vape. We have carefully selected the best crafted E-liquids and amazing vape devices for you to enjoy. Weather you're looking to quit smoking or just love exploring new flavors we have something for you.

We offer fair pricing and a great delivery service to keep all our customers happy. A lot of our products are ESMA approved to assure safe and quality products are delivered to your door anywhere in the UAE.

Vape.ae was incorporated with the vision to be the number 1 destination for Vaping products in the Emirates. Join us as we take you on the ultimate vape shopping experience, Vape.ae style.

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Disposable Vapes

Discover our collection of disposable vapes in the UAE. Disposable Vapes have quickly grown to be one of the most popular types of e-cigarettes for new users looking to quit smoking and those looking for a lightweight and transportable device as an alternative to reusable vapes.

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E-Liquid Vapes

Discover our collection of e-liquid vapes in the UAE and check out our carefully chosen selection of e liquid! These vape juices work best in open pod kits and refillable ecigs. Available in a variety of flavours from best-selling brands all online from Vape.ae, with some exciting offers.

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Elf-Bar Vapes

Discover our collection of Elf Bars in the UAE. Elf-Bars are disposable vapes only and can’t be re-filled. They do contain enough e-liquid to outlast 20 cigarettes. They are designed to be a simpler option as there’s no need to top up the kit. Instead, the bars can just be replaced when they are empty.

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