Thinking of quitting smoking?

Research shows that the majority of people who try to go 'cold turkey' will eventually return to smoking after a stressful day in life, which happens a lot easier with a craving on your shoulders. Vaping offers a bridge to help close that gap without any change in routine and a chance to control the amount of nicotine you are taking. Making it easier to slowly reduce your intake and eventually quit. Regardless of this, stopping smoking can be extremely difficult.

The effects smoking can have on the body is well documented and there is a idea that the longer you have smoked the more you will struggle, this isn't necessarily true. We have found the only factor is the person wanting to quit and there will to want to do so.

Being at the stage where you want to quit is the first big hurdle! And if you are there this can be a huge driving force to help you quit! Try to keep in that mindset as you undergo your journey to zero nicotine. Try not to think about how you should have done this sooner what is the most important thought is you want to quit now!

Make sure you are tracking your progress. This can be be very rewarding and help with the mental checkpoints you need to cross when cutting down on nicotine. Record how many days or even hours have passed since you had your last cigarette. This is a great tool to reinforce in your head that you are making progress and give you the sense of accomplishment you need to continue on your path to a smoke free future.

If you’re struggling to find flavors you think you’d like, it’s best to choose something with a naturally balanced flavor. There are thousands of choices for you out there. If you love the taste of tobacco, there are plenty of flavor profiles that replicate some of the most popular brands. This will help you on your journey and if you feel your still struggling get in touch with ourselves or your local vape shop and they would be more than happy to help! Don't get yourself overwhelmed we are all here to help you!

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